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mini updates 2009~~

lol, think i shldnt be just posting mini updates, especially when i stopped blogging for like… 8 months?! well here they are.

a peak went past, which was tiring and tough, as usual, but im getting the hang of it.

promotion didn’t come, kinda expected cos my boss gave me the insider news some 2 months before the announcement, so not too bad a blow i suppose.

many colleagues left the firm, mostly due to the bad news above. not a bad thing though, at least makes them realise what they want in life is not to slog for ungrateful employers.

sei jeong flew back to australia, and there were tears everywhere. wish her all the best.

jiuzhaigou trip in jun’09 was great, especially after peak, and it’s totally an amazing world over there.

family relationships got better, especially after the hk trip in may’09, and definitely will improve more.

friendship among closer friends got a little disrupted though. sigh. drama of life, maybe?

too many things flew past in just a short time span of 8 months, and i do not even have the time to reflect on my actions vs outcomes of those events, not to mention time for any possible regrets. however, one thing which i wont regret was to make her a closer part in my life.


busy as an ant~~

hmm time for a little update here… wahahaha its starting to be a little busy now for me, cos of the popular december year end period for many many of our clients here. sianz. im literally job-hopping from one client to another. LOL! but then again i guess its much safer now to be involved in jobs, be it tough or slack, cos of the target utilisation ratio that all staff need to fulfill and it affects our year-end appraisal also lor.. hahaa

i think i should consider myself to be real lucky cos my jobs during the peak for the year is slightly less tough and demanding than some others which have real tough clients and crazy deadlines. really need good luck for my colleagues who are in them.