new year resolutions?

someone asked me what are my new year resolutions for 2009.

cant think of any right now. i guess im naturally resistant to changes in my life. somewhat, i think i didnt fulfil 90% of all the resolutions that i’ve set over the past 20years. so whats the point now? perhaps to wish for world peace? or world domination? haha


last christmas i gave you my heart

but the very next day you gave it away…

this christmas, what did i do? well, nothing much i supposed. besides having some frens at my house for pasta-making during the saturday and dinner out with ntu frens on sunday, i think i only did one more other thing, that is OT. (crap)

wahahaha, its been long since i made pasta le, and i think my cooking skills is proportional to the number of practices i had (no improvement that is) lol… but then again, not too bad la… wahahhaha

see some photo:

got pasta from apple, got pasta by us, got campbell soup with lots of potatoes in it, and got messed up supposed-to-be-omelette-but-became-srambled-eggs (wahahhaaa) and ya, my 100 plus.. lol

and ya, they played with my mbp’s iSight:

comic book style

pop art


and i think they enjoyed themselves… lol my fren (above photo, bottom left) even tried to imitate “scream”!

well, thats all for now. short update only, cos its 4am now… merry xmas

merry xmas~~

i can’t remember what i did last xmas,

i think i forced myself to forget it i guess.

i hate working OT on public holiday eves,

i think i have to anyway…

for today that is.


speed up your firefox~~

all firefox users on broadband or cable (which i supposed equals to 99.9999% of all internet users) should try this:

type about:config on ur address bar.

then type these lines

network.http.pipelining and network.http.proxy.pipelining

and set them both to “true”.  This adjusts the pipelining settings.

then find network.http.pipelining.maxrequests

and set the value to 8

Finally, right-click on any setting and select ‘new’ and then ‘integer’.

Set the name to nglayout.initialpaint.delay (you might want to copy & paste it) and set the value to “0” (zero).  This would remove the render delay.

haha, as per discussion with a friend, these settings apparently made his firefox load so fast that he gets giddy over the speed of the webpage showing up on his screen… LOL!~!

what a mess~~

i think my blog is too messy…

i’ve got unsorted youtube videos all over the place; messy categories with messy tags and a messy blogroll…

and i’m so lazy to revamp… hahahaha wait till i got time ba (but maybe i will just spend my free time doing other things)

“see how lo”

i thought of you suddenly~~

《突然好想你》五月天《后青春期的诗》中一首深情情 歌,叙述了甜甜又酸 涩的回忆,这首歌用充满画面的回忆,企图剥离我们早已习惯的坚强外壳。

不一样的是那个只有你我知道的地方留下的只是我孤独的身影而不再有往日 你我的笑容,突然好想你。

在今夜突然好想你,比往常更想你;不得不想你,在这里的每一处都残留下了我们的回忆, 让我无法从那里走出来。突然好想你,不知道什么时候眼泪止不住了,真的想告诉你说我所 爱的人是你而不是他,我早已将他忘记,在不知不觉中,把他抛到了九霄云外。

i guess most of us will experience these kind of moments before. you would suddenly wonder, what would happen if they are still here with you? what would have changed? and what would have stayed the same? i guess there are countless answers to these qns… if there is a most appropriate answer to these qns, i would say it’s all fate… its fate that you all met, and its fate that they would leave you… all we can do is to treasure the ones you have around you, be it parents, friends, close relatives, colleagues, or even acquaintances… and make the best out of it.


歌曲 突然好想你 歌手 五月天 专辑 后青春期的诗

最怕空气突然安静 最怕朋友突然的关心
最怕回忆突然翻滚 绞痛着不平息
想念如果会有声音 不愿那是悲伤的哭泣
事到如今 终於让自已属於我自已
突然好想你 你会在哪里
突然好想你 突然锋利的回忆


我们那麽甜 那麽美 那麽相信
那麽疯 那麽热烈的曾经
为何我们 还是要奔向各自的幸福
突然好想你 你会在哪里
突然好想你 突然锋利的回忆
最怕空气突然安静 最怕朋友突然的关心
最怕回忆突然翻滚 绞痛着不平息
最怕突然听到你的消息 最怕此生已经决定自己过
没有你却又突然 听到你的消息

hokkien drift

i kinda of find these genre of songs quite entertaining. lol perhaps it is in singapore context and i do not hear it often, which somehow make it freaking hilarious, and now… i cant get this funny tune out of my head… wahahhahaa wu lang ai speeding, wu lang zor man man soh…

anyone who has the full song or knows what is the exact title? please tell me!! hahahaa~~

stay real~~

w00t!! me ordered 1 x tshirt in end sep08 and here it finally arrives!! wahahha shiokz… i supposedly ordered another one but didnt have stock.. so sad, this was the original one i wanted (the white onez):

but it was out of stock!! haha and end up i got this instead…

stay real tee

i didnt realised the logo was a bit big though… but it’s still cool la!! haha.. shuangz!! the stay real brand was founded by the lead singer of the taiwanese rock band, mayday, and i knew abt this brand during my taiwan trip in may08 and i realised my concert tee was designed under the same brand too!! these were the other 2 tees.. lol

pink and concert stay real

wahahaha… the pink one is damn cool btw…


Stay Real Blog

Big Chicken Drumlet (the webby which i ordered from)

a magnificent story~~

if you ever wanted your life to be a magnificent story, then begin by realising tat you are the author and make everyday an opportunity to write a new page.

i guess most of us do not want to stay ordinary and i believe we have this hidden desire to shine and to perform in any way possible. i mean wanting to stay ordinary and lead peaceful lives might be a really good thing afterall, but i guess this was not meant for me, even though i have lived really ordinarily for the past 2 decades. sometimes i do fnd myself stucked in a boring life, where everyday seems to be jus work, eat and sleep, and sometimes i think whether this was what i wanted to do? i guess this is the result of not having goals in life, or perhaps to say, no motivation? i do hear from some frenz that they have been planning actively in their lives; be it marriage, career, or even plan when to buy cars, etc. i guess for me, i didnt really think at all… i dont know when i want to marry. i dont know when to buy a car. i dont even know when i want to quit my current job! haha… i guess i need a change in my life, hopefully for the better best!

i dun read story books, but i do hope my story will be a magnificent one. and so its time to start writing! how about you?

payment by spider~~

LOL freaking funny la!! to think that the girl on the other end even bothered to entertain him… LOL


what a foolish guy~~

i guess this has got to be one of my favourite songs…

some pple might have crave for riches and others might have crave for successes. all at the expenses of others.

but all i desire is to work towards my dream, even if other people find my ways foolish. riches are all but materialism, and are not permanent. fulfilling ur dreams are what matters in ur life (unless ur only dream is to get rich, i have nth better to say.. wahahahaha)


歌曲 憨人 歌手 五月天 专辑 爱情万岁

作曲:阿信 作词:阿信


how many right answers can you get??

this is for those who buys branded stuff, but dunno how the hell to pronounce the name properly… LOL!! i didn’t know hermes is pronounced as “air-mehz” till i saw this post by xiejiafa. wahahaha!! i think i need to build up more on my fashionista knowledge… (i hope i do pronounce gucci and burberry properly though, cos its not on the list!)


Anteprima (On-tay-pre-ma)
Anya Hindmarch (Un-ya Hine-march)
Agnes B. (Arg-nias Bay)
Azzedine Alaia (Aza-deen A-lye-a)
Balenciaga (Ber-larn-sia-ga)
Bally (Ba-li)
Balmain (Bahl-mahn)
Baume & Mercier (Bomi Merci-yay)
Braun Buffel (Brown Byu-furl)
Bvlgari (Bull-ge-ri)
Byblos (Be-blos)
Cacharel (Kare-sha-hell)
Cerruti (Cher-ru-tee)
Chantal Thomass (Shan-tal To-mah)
Charles Jourdan (Sharls Shor-Darn)
Charrier (Sha-ree-ay)
Che Che New York (Chee Chee New York)
Chloe (Klo-ay)
Christian Labourtin (Christian Loo-boo-tahn)
Christian Lacroix (Christian Le-kwah)
Claude Montana (Kload Moan-tana)
Commes Des Garcons (Kom Day Gah-sohn)
Coccinelle (Kor-chee-nel-li)
Courreges (Coor-ash)
Cynthia Rowley (Cynthia Rao-li)
Dolce & Gabbana (Dole-chay & Ger-bana)
Donna Karan (Donna Karen)
Dries Van Noten (Drees Varn Note-earn)
Emmanuel Ungaro (Ee-man-noo-el Oon-ga-ro)
Etro (Air-tro)
Fa:ge (Farge)
Furla (Foor-la)
Georg Jensen (Jog Yen-sen)
Gianfranco Ferre (Gianfranco Fair-ray)
Gianni Versace (Gee-ya-nee Ver-sa-chee)
Givenchy (Jee-von-she)
Guy Laroche (Ghee Lah-rosh)
Helmut Lang (Hel-moot Lung)
Hermes (Air-mez)
Herve Leger (Er-vee Lee-zhee)
Issey Miyake (Is-say Mi-ya-kay)
Jaeger-LeCoultre (Yay-ger ler Koot)
Jean Paul Gaultier (Zhon Paul Gol-tee-air)
Lanvin (Larn-von)
Loewe (Lo-ay-vay)
Longchamp (Long-shum)
Louis Feraud (Loo-ee Fay-ho)
Louis Vuitton (Loo-ee Vui-tong)
Marithe et Francois Girbaud (Mar-hi-tay ay France-sua Jee-bow)
Martine Sitbon (Marh-tin Si-bong)
Narcisco Rodriquez (Nah-see-so Rodri-gehz)
Pierre Cardin (Pier Karh-Donh)
Plein Sud (Plan Sood)
Romeo Gigli (Romeo Gee-li)
Salvatore Ferragamo (Sel-ver-tor-ray Fairer-gum-moh)
Thierry Mugler (Teary Moo-glay)
YSL Rive Gauche (YSL Reev Gosh)
Yves Saint Laurent (Eve Saint Lor-rong)

big plunge~~

me and tm went laptop hunting at suntec last saturday and we were instantly drawn to this…

wahahaha, a closer view ->

or maybe an even closer view?? lol

this is an older model (silver) of the macbook pro and i guess i was really drawn to the specs: 2.5GHz intel core 2 duo, GeForce 8600m GT 512 Mb, 4Gb RAM… at a price of SGD2,584, on installments somemore!!! lol not bad a price i felt… thats why we took the plunge and bought it!! i guess i gonna be broke for the next 12 months… LOL

(pardon the quality of my SE phone camera.. LOL)

what time is it??

my boss invited us over to her condo at lakeside for some tennis + mahjong (i only turned up for the mahjong though, LOL) last saturday. and we saw this cool looking wall clock in her apartment!!

really funky sia.. lol

the office is a jungle~~

Wahahahaa me and oyc saw this interesting guy (read wolf) roaming around the raffles place mrt area during our lunch break. best thing is we dun even know what is he trying to advertise also. lol.

until in office when jolene showed me the name card of his colleague, the snake.. LOL

wahahahah they sell vitamins… interesting.