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My vows to you

I, Yongding, affirm my love to you, Qiuting, as I invite you to share my life.
You are the most beautiful and smart girl I have ever met.

And I promise you to love you, to care for you and respect you for the whole life.

With trust, and kindness I will always be with you through good and bad times.

From this day forward, I take you to be my wife.



been quite some time since i went for a run… tireds i am sia!
should start to jog more often from now on cos after a mere 20 min run, shacked like siao! and my running shoes chui-ed! got to buy a new pair, sianz…


all i can do is to believe and trust… and i will do so…

is it my fault?

perhaps it is… but i dunno anymore…

words hurt…

some things are better left unsaid…

at best

i feel second-best, at best…

every little thing…

every little thing builds up to a fantastic story, only to be broken down slowly by the same little things that form the story…
overdose of the same ingredients may not be the perfect solution afterall…


5 years down the road…

will i create wonderful memories?
or will i be the wrong choice?

and the peace is disturbed…

– confused
– unable to do anything
– taking things in its stride
– not confiding problems anymore
– feeling disappointed
– not hopeful anymore

merry xmas~~

i can’t remember what i did last xmas,

i think i forced myself to forget it i guess.

i hate working OT on public holiday eves,

i think i have to anyway…

for today that is.


speed up your firefox~~

all firefox users on broadband or cable (which i supposed equals to 99.9999% of all internet users) should try this:

type about:config on ur address bar.

then type these lines

network.http.pipelining and network.http.proxy.pipelining

and set them both to “true”.  This adjusts the pipelining settings.

then find network.http.pipelining.maxrequests

and set the value to 8

Finally, right-click on any setting and select ‘new’ and then ‘integer’.

Set the name to nglayout.initialpaint.delay (you might want to copy & paste it) and set the value to “0” (zero).  This would remove the render delay.

haha, as per discussion with a friend, these settings apparently made his firefox load so fast that he gets giddy over the speed of the webpage showing up on his screen… LOL!~!

what a mess~~

i think my blog is too messy…

i’ve got unsorted youtube videos all over the place; messy categories with messy tags and a messy blogroll…

and i’m so lazy to revamp… hahahaha wait till i got time ba (but maybe i will just spend my free time doing other things)

“see how lo”

stay real~~

w00t!! me ordered 1 x tshirt in end sep08 and here it finally arrives!! wahahha shiokz… i supposedly ordered another one but didnt have stock.. so sad, this was the original one i wanted (the white onez):

but it was out of stock!! haha and end up i got this instead…

stay real tee

i didnt realised the logo was a bit big though… but it’s still cool la!! haha.. shuangz!! the stay real brand was founded by the lead singer of the taiwanese rock band, mayday, and i knew abt this brand during my taiwan trip in may08 and i realised my concert tee was designed under the same brand too!! these were the other 2 tees.. lol

pink and concert stay real

wahahaha… the pink one is damn cool btw…


Stay Real Blog

Big Chicken Drumlet (the webby which i ordered from)

big plunge~~

me and tm went laptop hunting at suntec last saturday and we were instantly drawn to this…

wahahaha, a closer view ->

or maybe an even closer view?? lol

this is an older model (silver) of the macbook pro and i guess i was really drawn to the specs: 2.5GHz intel core 2 duo, GeForce 8600m GT 512 Mb, 4Gb RAM… at a price of SGD2,584, on installments somemore!!! lol not bad a price i felt… thats why we took the plunge and bought it!! i guess i gonna be broke for the next 12 months… LOL

(pardon the quality of my SE phone camera.. LOL)