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mini updates 2009~~

lol, think i shldnt be just posting mini updates, especially when i stopped blogging for like… 8 months?! well here they are.

a peak went past, which was tiring and tough, as usual, but im getting the hang of it.

promotion didn’t come, kinda expected cos my boss gave me the insider news some 2 months before the announcement, so not too bad a blow i suppose.

many colleagues left the firm, mostly due to the bad news above. not a bad thing though, at least makes them realise what they want in life is not to slog for ungrateful employers.

sei jeong flew back to australia, and there were tears everywhere. wish her all the best.

jiuzhaigou trip in jun’09 was great, especially after peak, and it’s totally an amazing world over there.

family relationships got better, especially after the hk trip in may’09, and definitely will improve more.

friendship among closer friends got a little disrupted though. sigh. drama of life, maybe?

too many things flew past in just a short time span of 8 months, and i do not even have the time to reflect on my actions vs outcomes of those events, not to mention time for any possible regrets. however, one thing which i wont regret was to make her a closer part in my life.



wahahaha!! way too cute!!

u wanna play too?



save the polar bear, save the world

interesting picture i found over deviantART regarding a poster for the global warming campaign. i remember the first real reason that i started getting concern about global warming dangers is when i watched the movie ‘an inconvenient truth’. the ‘facts’ in this movie may seem either real or fake to all of us, but isnt taking care of the natural environment the duty of us human beings? we, being the the dominant species, are doing anything good? haha maybe this is the result of us satisfying the 7 deadly sins, as i’ve described in my last post. what can we do now, other than educating our very own people of the effects of this?

anyway, this is an interesting picture.

Artist’s Comment:

Pollution is reaching creations: birds, animals, fishes, and insects. There is an open question about how the viewer is the reason of that. The visual language defines specific category of the pollution which is global warming.

seven deadly sins

i came across this cool series of drawings while browsing deviantART showing the seven deadly sins of humans – pride, avarice, envy, wrath, lust, gluttony, and sloth.

google for them and read them up, and see how many of these sins do u have? haha

i think i have them all, too.

Vanity, also known as pride, is the mother of all sins, which is the source of all other sins. They see and care about nothing else, but themselves only.


Gluttony is the inordinate desire to consume more than what one requires. This may not mean only food or drinks, as it may symbolize excessive indulgence in consumer goods, etc.


Avarice, greed or covetousness, is similar to lust and gluttony, which relates to abundance or excessiveness. This may not mean only the acquisition of wealth and power, but the indulgence of material goods too.


Sloth may merely mean the avoidance of physical or spiritual work. however, this historically meant a sin of sadness or despair, as this reflects an unwillingness of rejoicing during the early days of Christianity.


Wrath refers to the inordinate and uncontrolled anger or hatred. Alternatively, it is the impatience with authority or feeling of vengeance.


Envy or jealousy is the desire for another’s traits, status, ability, situation or possessions. Similar to avarice, it is a sin of insatiable desire, but of a non-material nature as it is typically psychological.


Lust is usually the obsessive/excessive desires and thoughts of sex, however it may mean the excessive love for one or oneself. Simply, it can also mean an indulgence in the self-fulfillment of physical pleasure.



blackeri’s deviantART gallery – Deadly Sins

a whole new perspective~~

i didnt know singapore could be this beautiful~~








unnatural skylines~~










im addicting to emo-ing~~

cos these pics are simply too cool!!!









im falling in love with the sky~~

click on the thumbnails for the full view~~


becoming a deviant

after surfing thru this website DeviantART , i realised why pple would spend thousands of dollars on photography-taking. how i wish i had an SLR too…

this website has more than 10,000 members and most of these ‘deviants’ have really strong artistic senses. they are ordinary pple around us with contrasting ideas towards life and often, we are able to see their world through their art pieces. really feel like travelling around the world someday.

every picture tells a story. many of these wonderful idealogies about life, nature, beliefs, architecture, social ethics, cultures, etc are being captured and submitted everyday by deviants all over the world. joy, depression, hope, anger, uncertainty, struggles. every picture captures a different mood and evokes different feelings and memories. i often identify myself in the moods they had portrayed.

Floating up to the sky