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100 things to watch in 2011

amazing analysis on trends and upcoming possibilities around the world!


ladder made in china, made with love~~

a little story which i came across while browsing through my inbox…


An incredible  love story has come out of China recently and managed to touch the world.
It  is a story of a man and an older woman who ran off to live and love each other  in peace for over half a century.

The 70-year-old Chinese man who hand-carved over 6,000 stairs up a mountain for his 80-year-old wife has passed away in the cave which has been the couple’s home for the last 50 years.

Over 50  years ago, Liu Guojiang a 19 year-old boy, fell in love with a 29 year-old widowed  mother named Xu Chaoqin..

In a twist worthy of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, friends and relatives criticized the relationship because of the age difference and the fact that Xu already had children.

At that time, it was unacceptable and immoral for a young man  to love an older woman.. To avoid the market gossip and the scorn of their communities, the couple decided to  elope and lived in a cave in Jiangjin County in Southern ChongQing Municipality.

In the beginning, life was harsh as hey had nothing, no electricity or even food.  They had to eat grass and roots they found in the mountain, and Liu made a  kerosene lamp that they used to light up their lives.

Xu felt that she had tied Liu down and repeatedly asked him, ‘Are you regretful? Liu always replied, ‘As long as we are industrious, life will improve.’

In the second year  of living in the mountain, Liu began and continued for over 50 years, to  hand-carve the steps so that his wife could get down the mountain  easily.

Half a century later in 2001, a group of adventurers were  exploring the forest and were surprised to find the elderly couple and the  over 6,000 hand-carved steps.  Liu MingSheng,  one of their seven children said, ‘My parents loved each other so much, they  have lived in seclusion for over 50 years and never been apart a single day.  He hand carved more than 6,000 steps over the years for my mother’s  convenience, although she doesn’t go down the mountain that  much.’

The couple had  lived in peace for over 50 years until last week. Liu, now 72 years, returned  from his daily farm work and collapsed. Xu sat and prayed with her husband as  he passed away in her arms. So in love with Xu, was Liu, that no one was able  to release the grip he had on his wife’s hand even after he had passed away.

‘You promised me you’ll take care of me, you’ll always be with me until the day I died, now you left before me, how am I going to live without you?’

Xu spent days softly repeating this sentence and touching her husband’s black coffin with tears rolling down her cheeks.

In 2006, their story became one of the top 10 love stories from China , collected by the Chinese Women Weekly. The local government has decided to  preserve the love ladder and the place they lived as a museum, so this love  story can live forever.

Scenic wonders of Taiwan – the alishan sunrise

(edited: added captions for images, mouse over images to see)

the most memorable part of our Grande TW/HK was the sunrise at alishan… cos it was simply magnificent!! haha…

taken when we just reached the sunrise viewing spot at 430am

10 mins to sunrise, the clouds were simpy amazing!!

its coming!!


yeah!! waking up at 320am is worth it!!

too bad it was partially blocked by those clouds... but nice still!!

and its rays shot through the sea of clouds~~

getting a little bright le~~ haha

the sun in between my fingers... haha

i cant even open my eyes properly for this shot! haha.. a little over-exposed here

its full glory~~

taken near the 2600 year old tree

and below is the exact same spot which we viewed the sunrise on the same day at 11am…. WTH rite.. so foggy… haha

the same sunrise viewing spot at 11am

to be continued with photos taken by my buddies with much much better cameras than mine… hahahaha

i’m L~~

w00t~~ i’m finally back to my own desktop and keyboard after a fantastic spree at TW and HK.

continuing from my previous post, we went to HK right after we left taipei, and these are the happenings we had:

Grande TW/HK day 8: 22/5/08 – HK L

left taipei at 8am, we are supposed to take the 9am flight but there were vacancies and since we reached the airport early, the stewardess gave us the slots for the former timing. and there we go…. HK!!

boarding pass

however, it was damn sianz after we touched down cos we found out that our hotel (L’Hotel) had 2 locations, one on HK island, and one at west Kowloon!! wth… bad planning on our side takes effect, luckily we reached HK earlier and we didnt burn that much time on our 1st day in HK.

our hotel was magnificent right from the 1st time we set our sight on from far, and was really classy… however, something weird about this hotel is that all the bathrooms are transparent!! yes… transparent, with only a flimsy curtain to cover from inside… wth rite! haha… end up i need to camp downstairs when my female fren bathes…

view of L'Hotel from Tsuen Wan West station



view from our room

transparent toilet

after we settled our luggage and stuff, we head straight to Central for shopping!!!! and yea, we bought some stuff at H&M and settled our dinner at a char chan teng near Lam Kuei Fong… before heading back hotel to rest…

milk tea cup

L at night

mechanics at work~~

astronauts at work

in space…

kaoz.. this made me feel like applying for NASA

Captured against the stunning backdrop of the Earth, an astronaut hangs precariously 250 miles above the Earth as the International Space Station hurtles through space at 17,000mph.

Source: DailyMail