last christmas i gave you my heart

but the very next day you gave it away…

this christmas, what did i do? well, nothing much i supposed. besides having some frens at my house for pasta-making during the saturday and dinner out with ntu frens on sunday, i think i only did one more other thing, that is OT. (crap)

wahahaha, its been long since i made pasta le, and i think my cooking skills is proportional to the number of practices i had (no improvement that is) lol… but then again, not too bad la… wahahhaha

see some photo:

got pasta from apple, got pasta by us, got campbell soup with lots of potatoes in it, and got messed up supposed-to-be-omelette-but-became-srambled-eggs (wahahhaaa) and ya, my 100 plus.. lol

and ya, they played with my mbp’s iSight:

comic book style

pop art


and i think they enjoyed themselves… lol my fren (above photo, bottom left) even tried to imitate “scream”!

well, thats all for now. short update only, cos its 4am now… merry xmas


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