Monthly Archives: December 2008

new year resolutions?

someone asked me what are my new year resolutions for 2009.

cant think of any right now. i guess im naturally resistant to changes in my life. somewhat, i think i didnt fulfil 90% of all the resolutions that i’ve set over the past 20years. so whats the point now? perhaps to wish for world peace? or world domination? haha


last christmas i gave you my heart

but the very next day you gave it away…

this christmas, what did i do? well, nothing much i supposed. besides having some frens at my house for pasta-making during the saturday and dinner out with ntu frens on sunday, i think i only did one more other thing, that is OT. (crap)

wahahaha, its been long since i made pasta le, and i think my cooking skills is proportional to the number of practices i had (no improvement that is) lol… but then again, not too bad la… wahahhaha

see some photo:

got pasta from apple, got pasta by us, got campbell soup with lots of potatoes in it, and got messed up supposed-to-be-omelette-but-became-srambled-eggs (wahahhaaa) and ya, my 100 plus.. lol

and ya, they played with my mbp’s iSight:

comic book style

pop art


and i think they enjoyed themselves… lol my fren (above photo, bottom left) even tried to imitate “scream”!

well, thats all for now. short update only, cos its 4am now… merry xmas

merry xmas~~

i can’t remember what i did last xmas,

i think i forced myself to forget it i guess.

i hate working OT on public holiday eves,

i think i have to anyway…

for today that is.


speed up your firefox~~

all firefox users on broadband or cable (which i supposed equals to 99.9999% of all internet users) should try this:

type about:config on ur address bar.

then type these lines

network.http.pipelining and network.http.proxy.pipelining

and set them both to “true”.  This adjusts the pipelining settings.

then find network.http.pipelining.maxrequests

and set the value to 8

Finally, right-click on any setting and select ‘new’ and then ‘integer’.

Set the name to nglayout.initialpaint.delay (you might want to copy & paste it) and set the value to “0” (zero).  This would remove the render delay.

haha, as per discussion with a friend, these settings apparently made his firefox load so fast that he gets giddy over the speed of the webpage showing up on his screen… LOL!~!

what a mess~~

i think my blog is too messy…

i’ve got unsorted youtube videos all over the place; messy categories with messy tags and a messy blogroll…

and i’m so lazy to revamp… hahahaha wait till i got time ba (but maybe i will just spend my free time doing other things)

“see how lo”