a magnificent story~~

if you ever wanted your life to be a magnificent story, then begin by realising tat you are the author and make everyday an opportunity to write a new page.

i guess most of us do not want to stay ordinary and i believe we have this hidden desire to shine and to perform in any way possible. i mean wanting to stay ordinary and lead peaceful lives might be a really good thing afterall, but i guess this was not meant for me, even though i have lived really ordinarily for the past 2 decades. sometimes i do fnd myself stucked in a boring life, where everyday seems to be jus work, eat and sleep, and sometimes i think whether this was what i wanted to do? i guess this is the result of not having goals in life, or perhaps to say, no motivation? i do hear from some frenz that they have been planning actively in their lives; be it marriage, career, or even plan when to buy cars, etc. i guess for me, i didnt really think at all… i dont know when i want to marry. i dont know when to buy a car. i dont even know when i want to quit my current job! haha… i guess i need a change in my life, hopefully for the better best!

i dun read story books, but i do hope my story will be a magnificent one. and so its time to start writing! how about you?


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