how many right answers can you get??

this is for those who buys branded stuff, but dunno how the hell to pronounce the name properly… LOL!! i didn’t know hermes is pronounced as “air-mehz” till i saw this post by xiejiafa. wahahaha!! i think i need to build up more on my fashionista knowledge… (i hope i do pronounce gucci and burberry properly though, cos its not on the list!)


Anteprima (On-tay-pre-ma)
Anya Hindmarch (Un-ya Hine-march)
Agnes B. (Arg-nias Bay)
Azzedine Alaia (Aza-deen A-lye-a)
Balenciaga (Ber-larn-sia-ga)
Bally (Ba-li)
Balmain (Bahl-mahn)
Baume & Mercier (Bomi Merci-yay)
Braun Buffel (Brown Byu-furl)
Bvlgari (Bull-ge-ri)
Byblos (Be-blos)
Cacharel (Kare-sha-hell)
Cerruti (Cher-ru-tee)
Chantal Thomass (Shan-tal To-mah)
Charles Jourdan (Sharls Shor-Darn)
Charrier (Sha-ree-ay)
Che Che New York (Chee Chee New York)
Chloe (Klo-ay)
Christian Labourtin (Christian Loo-boo-tahn)
Christian Lacroix (Christian Le-kwah)
Claude Montana (Kload Moan-tana)
Commes Des Garcons (Kom Day Gah-sohn)
Coccinelle (Kor-chee-nel-li)
Courreges (Coor-ash)
Cynthia Rowley (Cynthia Rao-li)
Dolce & Gabbana (Dole-chay & Ger-bana)
Donna Karan (Donna Karen)
Dries Van Noten (Drees Varn Note-earn)
Emmanuel Ungaro (Ee-man-noo-el Oon-ga-ro)
Etro (Air-tro)
Fa:ge (Farge)
Furla (Foor-la)
Georg Jensen (Jog Yen-sen)
Gianfranco Ferre (Gianfranco Fair-ray)
Gianni Versace (Gee-ya-nee Ver-sa-chee)
Givenchy (Jee-von-she)
Guy Laroche (Ghee Lah-rosh)
Helmut Lang (Hel-moot Lung)
Hermes (Air-mez)
Herve Leger (Er-vee Lee-zhee)
Issey Miyake (Is-say Mi-ya-kay)
Jaeger-LeCoultre (Yay-ger ler Koot)
Jean Paul Gaultier (Zhon Paul Gol-tee-air)
Lanvin (Larn-von)
Loewe (Lo-ay-vay)
Longchamp (Long-shum)
Louis Feraud (Loo-ee Fay-ho)
Louis Vuitton (Loo-ee Vui-tong)
Marithe et Francois Girbaud (Mar-hi-tay ay France-sua Jee-bow)
Martine Sitbon (Marh-tin Si-bong)
Narcisco Rodriquez (Nah-see-so Rodri-gehz)
Pierre Cardin (Pier Karh-Donh)
Plein Sud (Plan Sood)
Romeo Gigli (Romeo Gee-li)
Salvatore Ferragamo (Sel-ver-tor-ray Fairer-gum-moh)
Thierry Mugler (Teary Moo-glay)
YSL Rive Gauche (YSL Reev Gosh)
Yves Saint Laurent (Eve Saint Lor-rong)

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