building blocks of english/chinglish

wahahahaha~~ chanced upon this post while browsing mr miyagi’s blog… damn crappy la!! haha it’s talking about a set of bilingual wooden blocks which are supposed to teach young chinese kids english…

but apparently, something went wrong with the translation:

i mean, erm, what the hell is a darning needle? or bear cat? hahaha.. and do we even use ‘crustacea’ to call a ladybug? LOL lucky for the chicken and peacock, they got their names right…

and what the hell is a coler? or a wecker? and a GEE?? LOL amazing!!

i guess this was the ultimate… hahah destroy/extinguish the evidence!!! i think it “might” be useful when we need to shred papers… lol


source: peer-see (do click on this!! LOL)


One response to “building blocks of english/chinglish

  1. Kerryn Tuesday, 14th October 2008 at 14:30

    Haha…this is funny…but i think these blocks should be quite old de bahz…China’s translation is improving le lar…lolx…

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