self-belief is from nothing more than a choice~~

Self Belief

Where does self belief come from?

Does it come from applause given by others on your efforts?
Does it come from a pat on the back for something well done?
Does it come from your partner, friend or family member saying you can do anything if you put your mind to it?
Does it come from winning a prize, coming first in some type of competition?

To all of these above, I say NO, NO, NO!!

Self belief comes from within!!!

It comes from knowledge, it comes from abilities, it comes from a knowing and love for
oneself, it comes from acceptance of ones weaknesses and it comes from a WANT!!

We all as human beings have different strengths, different abilities and different passions.

Sporting celebrities believe in themselves, they have pushed themselves to the highest of their abilities. They have taken their strengths and knowledge and worked with them to be the best they can in their particular areas offering competition and a love for what they truly enjoy doing. They believe in their talents and use them fully to their advantage!!

Self belief comes from achievements!

Self belief comes from choice!!

Self belief comes from lack of Fear!!!

Self belief comes from WITHIN. Self Belief comes from using the hard knocks we all get handed out in life to the best of your ability. Turning sadness into happiness, turning a weakness into strength.
Self belief needs to be nurtured, needs to be practiced and needs to come from a place of true honesty and love.

Self belief comes from Learning!!

Believing in YOU can take your life to a completely different level.
Experiencing life, practicing life, brings confidence and confidence brings self belief.

Do you remember the first time you got in a car and wanted to learn to drive…how scary!!
You bunny hopped down the road. You had your driving test…you failed first time around…did you jump back in and try and again…did you go home feeling like a failure!! What choice did you make? How badly did you want to pass your driving test?
You got your license first, second, third time around….how fantastic and on top of the world did you feel…you now have a new control and skill in your life!! How much do you believe in yourself and you abilities right now!

Failure is our best triumph….from our failures in life…we learn…knowledge and experience brings self belief!!

The world is made up of so many unspoken amazing people…and from lack of self belief they sit in the background and watch others reap great rewards from the effort they put into their life and by selling who they are as human beings.

Effort brings self belief!!

Do we ever really realise that we only get one shot of this life we live, and how every time we do something, is so important at the time we do it, is the only TIME we get to visit. That minute, that second, that hour…is the only time we get to do it…then its gone!! We may get to do again…but not in that same time, that same minute, that same second, that same hour!!!! Can you say that when you did it, it was to the best of your ability and that you gave 110% as if not, we have now moved forward to a new time!! What will you do with it??

There are many that will truly say they enjoy what they do with their work but so many that say they are just doing it because they don’t know how to do better, that they fear a change…they live half heartedly through lack of self belief. Through lack of effort.
Some take big jobs because it makes them feel powerful…for eight hours a day they feel great about who they are….what happens to the rest of the day? This is outsourcing self belief!! A fat pay cheque does not bring self belief!!

Theres no right or wrong way to bring yourself to a great self belief of you as a human being in this world!! Some chose to work on themselves, others choose to continue a life living in negatives and instead outsource their self belief. Some truly believe they are complete through what they are doing and through who they are!!! Have they ever tried to see life differently?

Self belief comes from a passion of ones self and ones abilities.

Have you ever pushed yourself so hard you never thought you would make to the finishing line, through work, through sport, through relationships!!!
Have you ever said I give up? What stopped you from going that one step further for you to achieve? Was it lack of self belief?

Ever thought you could run 5kms without stopping….some would laugh, but you CAN!! It comes from self belief! You may not be able to do it on day one, or day two or day three but I know if you kept practicing and believed that you can do it and wanted to do it, it would happen.

Have you ever been overweight and made a choice to do something about it? You try and try but don’t believe you can do it so you stay overweight and it doesn’t happen…
Have you ever been overweight, you make a choice that you no longer want to live overweight, that you don’t feel comfortable being overweight. so you decide to self believe, you put in effort, you try…weight falls off, your confidence skyrockets…you have just achieved and through this achievement you believe in who you are!!! You now self believe!!

Life is about doing…not saying!!!! It’s about not giving up but about working hard at what it is you want to achieve…today, tomorrow…the day after!!!!

How many times over your years have you sat back and said, “ I should have”
The truth is all of us have said this at one point in our life…its how many of us have then just gone and done…instead of living with regret.

Self belief is from nothing more than a CHOICE…choice of how you choose to live your
life !!! Its how you choose to see, how you choose to feel how you choose to BE!!

How many people make excuses for not doing something they truly love doing? If you truly want something…you WILL make it happen!

How many of us become so absorbed into our relationships, into our partners, into our families, into our friends and when it breaks down…we totally have forgotten who WE are!!! Our confidence is gone, our love for ourselves is gone, our self belief is shot down!!

An exercise to try:

Sit down and write about a negative in your life right now. Something that brings anxiety, something that brings sadness, something that is full of fear!!! Do this only if there is something real there…do not manifest or over analyse anything to do this exercise!!
Whether it is something you want to try…an issue that brings upset….a handling of a situation, that’s outcome was not positive…
Today write about it, now go and have your day, then tonight read it, go to bed, sleep, then tomorrow write about again…
Before you write about it again…read it….view it through different eyes…do a “what if I” with yourself…then sit down…and write about how you can change it… and turn it into a positive. Allow yourself to learn from it…come from a place of love when re-writing it!
If by trying to turn it into a positive takes effort, takes rewording, takes understanding or just acceptance…you have just given yourself a chance to see through happier and clearer eyes.
You have just turned a negative into a positive…you have self believed, you have achieved and you have just made a choice, giving yourself a chance, you have learnt and in return you feel more powerful and happier as a human being.

If you still feel anxious, unhappy and fearful…try writing in a more a peaceful place that brings happiness, remove yourself from your environment and take yourself to an environment that you enjoy being in.Whether that is lighting a candle in your bedroom, sitting on the beach, sitting under a tree or just sitting at home, do not give up until you have lifted this weight off your shoulders…you are worth the effort you put in and the happiness and clarity it will bring to your situation.
Now this is a life experience you have just reaped a reward from!!!
Well worth the effort don’t you think??

What is one of your strengths?
Can you use it in every day life?
Can you use today?
Can you use it right now?
Can you use to help others get to a better place in their life?

When you come to your last days on this earth…what will you regret….say, NOTHING now and chose to make choices so that you do not live in regret. Choose to live a truly fulfilled life!!
Theres no second chances to live another life but its never too late today in the life you have been granted, whether your 80, 50, 30, 20 years of age…do it now and reap great benefits for your self esteem and the life you have been given.
Appreciate being alive!!

Give yourself a chance…be true and real, love who you are, make choices, experience and ENJOY LIFE!! Very Happy
Marianne Potalej


One response to “self-belief is from nothing more than a choice~~

  1. Anonymous Sunday, 15th March 2009 at 10:13

    Great post. You don’t see the world with just your eyes, you see it through the lens of believe, your past experiences and preconceived notions. So your reality is based really based on your beliefs, not your circumstances. To begin changing one’s reality, one must change one’s beliefs. So many people will live a life governed by what happens to them and get caught up in the notions, rather than taking control of their circumstances through their beliefs. Thank you for showing people they can have a better life.

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