what does nike mean to you?

LOL, inspiration from a colleague who showed me this commercial, TAKE IT TO THE NEXT LEVEL. and then i went on to dig all these out from youtube… amazing!

take it to the next level!


roger federer


leave nothing!


the secret tournament

During Spring 2002, new advertisements from Nike were broadcast featuring many of the world’s best footballers. The short films – made to tie in with the 2002 World Cup in Korea/Japan – were directed by Terry Gilliam. Two advertisements were filmed – “The Secret Tournament” and “The Rematch”. This webpage contains stills and behind-the-scenes pictures from the adverts.

“The Secret Tournament” was filmed in December 2001. Gilliam worked with Nicola Pecorini as Director of Photography and set designer Stefano Maria Ortolani. The advert, shot at Rome’s Filmhouse Studios, is set in the belly of a cargo liner. Within the cargo liner is a massive cage with turf. Where eight teams of three players play a tournament under the watchful eye of Eric Cantona.

“The Rematch” was filmed on January 28 and 29. Fraser Taggart was Director of Photography for this second shooting session.

The action takes place to the scintillating backdrop of a re-mixed version of the Elvis Presley song “A Little Less Conversation.” It’s the first time one of the King’s songs has been remixed.

– Text by Phil Stubbs, editor of “Dreams – the Terry Gilliam Fanzine”

More info on this page:

Nike site:


the secret tournament – REMATCH!!


its rounder!! -.-|||


good vs the devils “maybe they are friendly?”


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