Scenic wonders of Taiwan – the alishan sunrise

(edited: added captions for images, mouse over images to see)

the most memorable part of our Grande TW/HK was the sunrise at alishan… cos it was simply magnificent!! haha…

taken when we just reached the sunrise viewing spot at 430am

10 mins to sunrise, the clouds were simpy amazing!!

its coming!!


yeah!! waking up at 320am is worth it!!

too bad it was partially blocked by those clouds... but nice still!!

and its rays shot through the sea of clouds~~

getting a little bright le~~ haha

the sun in between my fingers... haha

i cant even open my eyes properly for this shot! haha.. a little over-exposed here

its full glory~~

taken near the 2600 year old tree

and below is the exact same spot which we viewed the sunrise on the same day at 11am…. WTH rite.. so foggy… haha

the same sunrise viewing spot at 11am

to be continued with photos taken by my buddies with much much better cameras than mine… hahahaha


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