i’m L~~

w00t~~ i’m finally back to my own desktop and keyboard after a fantastic spree at TW and HK.

continuing from my previous post, we went to HK right after we left taipei, and these are the happenings we had:

Grande TW/HK day 8: 22/5/08 – HK L

left taipei at 8am, we are supposed to take the 9am flight but there were vacancies and since we reached the airport early, the stewardess gave us the slots for the former timing. and there we go…. HK!!

boarding pass

however, it was damn sianz after we touched down cos we found out that our hotel (L’Hotel) had 2 locations, one on HK island, and one at west Kowloon!! wth… bad planning on our side takes effect, luckily we reached HK earlier and we didnt burn that much time on our 1st day in HK.

our hotel was magnificent right from the 1st time we set our sight on from far, and was really classy… however, something weird about this hotel is that all the bathrooms are transparent!! yes… transparent, with only a flimsy curtain to cover from inside… wth rite! haha… end up i need to camp downstairs when my female fren bathes…

view of L'Hotel from Tsuen Wan West station



view from our room

transparent toilet

after we settled our luggage and stuff, we head straight to Central for shopping!!!! and yea, we bought some stuff at H&M and settled our dinner at a char chan teng near Lam Kuei Fong… before heading back hotel to rest…

milk tea cup

L at night


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