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Scenic wonders of Taiwan – the alishan sunrise

(edited: added captions for images, mouse over images to see)

the most memorable part of our Grande TW/HK was the sunrise at alishan… cos it was simply magnificent!! haha…

taken when we just reached the sunrise viewing spot at 430am

10 mins to sunrise, the clouds were simpy amazing!!

its coming!!


yeah!! waking up at 320am is worth it!!

too bad it was partially blocked by those clouds... but nice still!!

and its rays shot through the sea of clouds~~

getting a little bright le~~ haha

the sun in between my fingers... haha

i cant even open my eyes properly for this shot! haha.. a little over-exposed here

its full glory~~

taken near the 2600 year old tree

and below is the exact same spot which we viewed the sunrise on the same day at 11am…. WTH rite.. so foggy… haha

the same sunrise viewing spot at 11am

to be continued with photos taken by my buddies with much much better cameras than mine… hahahaha


i’m L~~

w00t~~ i’m finally back to my own desktop and keyboard after a fantastic spree at TW and HK.

continuing from my previous post, we went to HK right after we left taipei, and these are the happenings we had:

Grande TW/HK day 8: 22/5/08 – HK L

left taipei at 8am, we are supposed to take the 9am flight but there were vacancies and since we reached the airport early, the stewardess gave us the slots for the former timing. and there we go…. HK!!

boarding pass

however, it was damn sianz after we touched down cos we found out that our hotel (L’Hotel) had 2 locations, one on HK island, and one at west Kowloon!! wth… bad planning on our side takes effect, luckily we reached HK earlier and we didnt burn that much time on our 1st day in HK.

our hotel was magnificent right from the 1st time we set our sight on from far, and was really classy… however, something weird about this hotel is that all the bathrooms are transparent!! yes… transparent, with only a flimsy curtain to cover from inside… wth rite! haha… end up i need to camp downstairs when my female fren bathes…

view of L'Hotel from Tsuen Wan West station



view from our room

transparent toilet

after we settled our luggage and stuff, we head straight to Central for shopping!!!! and yea, we bought some stuff at H&M and settled our dinner at a char chan teng near Lam Kuei Fong… before heading back hotel to rest…

milk tea cup

L at night

oh mickey you’re so fine~~

Grande TW/HK day 9: 23/5/08 – HK disneyland

disneyland was our highlight for the day, but before heading to mickeyland, we went to element shopping centre at kowloon station for some walk walk see see… and we saw TIGER! haha, this was something new to me… cool though~~

kowloon station

asics onitsuka tiger

after the stroll at element, we headed to disneyland on the disneyland resort rail… and w00t!, we saw mickey!

disney themed train


disney tickets

wahahaha… but food and drinks are so expensive here, one bottle costs HK$20 lor, wah liao… but bo bian, got to settle our lunch here, haha… and so we walk and play till fireworks time at 8pm before we head to Central again to have dinner… yea!

disney set lunch

fireworks on the castle, looks like its on fire though... haha

bye mickey~~

and there concludes my disney trip… boo!


Grande TW/HK day 10: 24/5/08 – HK avenue of stars

and there we start our main shopping spree from Langham Place… but end up we only ate lunch there… hahaha

dumpling noodles at Langham Place

we found a nice dessert place after roaming around the streets in Mongkok for a while… and yeah! sesame paste and stuff awaited us…

delicious sesame paste

sizzling cold fruits and bird nest egg tarts~~

after some further roaming and shopping at mongkok, we headed to avenue of stars and as expected, we couldn’t find the correct way the first time round.. and so we had dinner first…

macs!! shogun burger meal (cant find these in SG lor! haha)

haha, and we ended up routing a big circle before reaching…

stephen chow

bruce lee in his famous

film girl~~

cool~~ too bad we didnt stay late enough to watch the night view, but it was too hazy that day also… hahaha and we ended our day at temple street then…


Grande TW/HK day 11: 25/5/08 – HK final day

and so we packed our things, left our bags at the hotel for safekeeping and we headed to kowloon and central to do last minute shopping again.. haha

self-explanatory... hahahaha

cool jazzy uncles performing at IFC mall

cool wood-framed perfume which my buddy bought at SASA

and so we tried to spend our leftover HKD before heading back to hotel to collect our stuffs before departing for the airport to catch our home-bound flight~~

we all started with one backpack each... haha, and i ended with 4 bags (left)

boarding pass, and why they like to write on my tickets and passes... zzz

DFS @ Changi, filling my 5th bag

away from keyboard~~

yes, im away from my keyboard, cosĀ i just reached HK today!! wahahahaha~~~ shioks

it was a great week for me cos of the company i had in taiwan! went quite a lot of places sia and i ish shacks liaos… this was my itinery for the last week…. (pictures to come after i touch down sg)

day 1: 15/5/08 – reached taipei and went to ximending for some light shopping, before going to partyworld ktv at night while preparing for alishan tml… wahahaha shioks

day 2: 16/5/08 – departed from taipei train station to jiayi via bullet train (damn fast lo), and travelled by minibus to alishan (SUPER SHIOK!!), and prepare for the sunrise at 545am.

day 3: 17/5/08 – woke up at 320am and travel to some peak near alishan for the sunrise (MAGNIFICIENT! AWAIT PHOTOS!), before travelling to sun moon lake and taichong via minibus, and shopping at fengjia nite market)

day 4: 18/5/08 – train ride back to taipei for the last stretch of our journey of this taiwan tour. went shilin nitemarket for dinner and shopping (nice place to shop, and quite cheap also! haha)

day 5: 19/5/08 – travelled to jiufen via train for some historical cum sight-seeing tour, before going to ximending for shopping (again! haha)

day 6: 20/5/08 – longshan temple and wufenpu was our destination for the day as we looked for cheap deals from this distribution market, before going to raohe nitemarket and zhongxiaodong lu for some shopping…

day 7: 21/5/08 – this was an unplanned day for us cos of some change in plans at taichong.. therefore we went to danshui and danhai for some sight-seeing of the north and western coast of taipei, before going to shilin and ximending to cover some last min shopping…

to be continued… (with photos of cos!)

in great anticipation~~

15th may to 21st may – taipei, jiayi, alishan, sun moon lake, taichung

22nd may to 25th may – hk, hk, hk, hk, hk

one word: shiok! (dun need to type so much…)
those who wan souvenirs, order from me now… wahahahahaha~~