exciting days!!

bah… i wished that really happened. ever since my last job at suntec, nothing seems to excite me. lol! i guess im a workhaholic-to-be (kaoz). my previous team seems to lose touch with the current world during our quarantined time in client’s office for extended periods of time, without internet. (INTERNET!!!!!) haha luckily through feedback, they managed to get a super big router for our super big team of 16 people!! at least not that bad la. best of all is i made so many cool frens aka colleagues during the time, which made my stint there enjoyable… hahahahahahaha


anyway, was in a msn chat earlier in the day with an overseas fren, and she mentioned something that im becoming incoherent (ouch!). i think i really work too hard in the past few weeks le… lol! even my sis also misread what i said to her. really Zzzz…


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