what’s the point…

of blogging?

blogs nowadays tend to be increasingy fashionable, and its a good way of penning down your thoughts in a permanent way. i never really like to write, especially about myself, but ever since i started to blog-surf, i saw how people can pen down their thoughts and how well people can communicate with their frens. since then, i felt it’s time to record my thoughts, so i can remember what kind of life i’ve been going thru, and that i can look at myself in the future how dumb i was in the past. haha.

thinking back on the real reason of blogging, i suppose it was to make me face myself. i duno abt others who might have some other reasons, but i do admit i was trying to ride the fashion waves when i just started. haha. however, gradually i realized that it takes effort to build a blog, a genre, a purpose and most importantly an idea. i supposed my purpose is to record all the funny and interesting youtube vidz i found and to keep track of my perception on life and most importantly, to track my changes in life. i do not care abt how others think of my blog and i do not care abt what perception they might have, cos its their choices to think in any way they like and i do not care how my thoughts will influence them. im just selfish, just like all others.

perhaps pple do not get used to the crappy, crazy, dumb or even emotive me. perhaps they do not care about how i even think. well, different people lead different lives and that was the way all along. different pple with different thoughts influence different pple in different ways during different parts of life. to quote someone, we all make choices in life. dun try to blame on others on the outcome cos its your own decision afterall. but however, dun try to change other pple’s habits and way of life especially when u do not own any control over them. pple do tell me dun act emo. but its just the way of my life, and i do not care. cos i find it easier to vent out my emotions thru words and i choose to type them here. real influence only affects those who chose to explore new ideas in life.

i began to understand how xiaxue and other famous bloggers think abt their blogs, cos its people’s choices to decide whether they want to click and read their blogs full of rants and crappy pointless talk. they simply just choose to do that. and i began to understand why those bloggers do not think its a big problem afterall, cos they have done nothing wrong, and those are the thoughts they pen down and those pple are the ones who chose to read them, even they do noe whats the outcome of reading them. we do need to take responsibility of what we write, but we do not need to restrict to how others want us to type about. its my blog and i choose how i want to write and no one else has the ultimate control over what i should write. (unless its super political, or racial sensitive issues.. wahahahaha)

internet gave us the freedom of communication, and the idea of free speech. we all live in a world full of ideas and challenges, and its you who should choose how u want to make use of these challenges to improve yourself.

happy blogging…


2 responses to “what’s the point…

  1. cloudie Tuesday, 5th February 2008 at 9:08

    don’t forget the people who like your blog the way it is =]

  2. kerryn Monday, 25th February 2008 at 14:38

    interesting…undeniably, there’s nthing wrong with the perceptions. Internet is a space for free communication. However, we can’t deny that control over language is a powerful strength that we have been bestowed. Sometimes, perhaps even unknowingly, pple and hurt by our usage of this strength. This may not matter,but definitely not desirable. Anyway, perhaps, as said, humans are selfish creatures,what’s the point of enduring alone for the sake of others? 也许有时候,自私的诚实是可以被原谅的吧?

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