smokescreen formed

smokescreen, it’s a release of a smoke grenade to blur the surroundings of usually a danger zone or critical movement path of a military scenario. however, it can also mean to create a ‘smoke-out’, that is to hide or create a ‘screen’ or situation to shield yourselves or run away from potential ‘dangers’ or watever that scares u.. haha! but then, i realised a new definition for this term, which is to hide yourselves from yourselves. this may involve things u do to subdue or mask ur own feelings, or to lessen the impacts of ur own actions, or in simple terms, run away from ur own shit that u have created. this may includes things we do that do not have any positive impacts in solving those situations, or even self-deemed solutions which does not solve or lessen the impact of these situations! simply to say, we are all trying to cheat our own body.

humans are weird. they are smart, but sometimes they do not even understand themselves, let alone control their own body, mind and feelings. i guess thats the way things are.

smoke-screen formed…


One response to “smokescreen formed

  1. WC Thursday, 10th January 2008 at 16:23

    I guess somewhere along the line, I kinda learnt that certain problems have no solutions to and I just let it be. Maybe the solution will come one day, unexpected and out of the blue. Or it could be that moving on from the problem could be the solution. From a certain perspective, some might call it escapism. For me, I just do what I can and what I think is right.

    Smokescreens… They are used to protect ourselves at the end of the day…

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