gaining through losing

this is one of the greatest classic hits of hirai ken, and is one of my favourite songs.

life is good, my friend~~

Gaining Through Losing (translated)
performed by Ken Hirai (平井堅)

めぐり来る季節ごとに この手からこぼれ落ちるもの
meguri kuru kisetsu goto ni kono te kara kobore ochiru mono
in the ever-recurring seasons, there are things that have slipped from my hands
立ち止まり ふり返れば 寂しげに僕をみてる
tachi domari furi kaereba samishige ni boku wo miteru
if I stop and turn around, I’ll be watching myself in my loneliness

いつも いつでも 誇れるものをひとつ 信じてきた日々
itsumo itsu demo hokoreru mono wo hitotsu shinjite kita hibi
these days, I’ve come to believe in one thing to be proud of always and forever

出会いと別れを繰り返し 歩いてきた道を
deai to wakare wo kuri kaeshi aruite kita michi wo
meetings and partings happen over and over again
かけがえのないものと思う 今の自分ならば
kakegae no nai mono to omou ima no jibun naraba
and I think this road I’ve been walking has been invaluable to building my present self (*)

がむしゃらな情熱さえ 懐かしく思う日が来ても
gamushara na jounetsu sae natsukashiku omou hi ga kite mo
even if one day I reminisce about my reckless passion
静かなる強さ秘めた ともしびを掲げていよう
shizuka naru tsuyosa himeta tomoshibi wo kakagete iyou
I’ll hoist the lights which house my peaceful strength (†)

自由 愛情 手放したとき 初めて その意味を知る
jiyuu aijou tebanashita toki hajimete sono imi wo shiru
when I let go of my freedom and affection, I first got to know that meaning

痛みと歓び分かち合い 絆深めた人の
itami to yorokobi wakachi ai kizuna fukameta hito no
in sharing our joy and pain, and becoming so intensely bonded
飾ることない言葉の粒 今も胸に抱いて
kazaru koto nai kotoba no tsubu ima mo mune ni daite
now let’s hold our unembellished words close in our hearts (‡)

雨雲切れて 光が射す 大地が歌い はじめる
amagumo kirete hikari ga sasu daichi ga utai hajimeru
cutting through the clouds, light pierces the earth, and the earth begins to sing:

We’ve been gaining one good thing through losing another
I’m so proud to be with you, my love
Now you know the meaning of SUNSHINE AFTER RAIN
Let me tell you LIFE IS GOOD, my friends

(*) Literally, “if it’s myself, now I think that the road I’ve been walking on is a thing with no replacement.”
(†) Literally, “the lights in which are hidden my strength that has become peaceful.”
(‡) Literally, “we share our pain and joy, and now let’s hold in our hearts the grains of unembellished words of people whose bonds have intensified.”

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