what’s left of 2007?

2007 is a year of both high hopes and utter disappointment for me. i’ve seen myself changing from a hopeless student to someone who found his new aim in life. i have struggled to pass my papers, to move on from failure, to secure a permanent job, to find happiness even.

i’ve had many realizations of life, all which occurred to me in one of the worst ways ever. my grandpa passed away early in 2007, and i saw how things in my family evolved from there and realized life is full of regrets. i failed modules which i could have passed with just a little bit of effort; i almost didn’t graduate and i realized how the mistakes u made or had haunts you later on in life. i had my first real interview in the most unprepared and nervous mode ever and got owned by the interviewer; realized how important results are to a graduate.
i remembered how low my confidence was and how low my self-esteem was then, and i had to slap myself so many times to wake myself up and face the reality, and i held on to one simple belief,’天无绝人之路’ and things went on right for me. i found myself surrounded with great and supportive frens who didnt leave me in the lurch and i need to express thanks and gratitude to anyone who has given me advice, hope, lessons and direction in my life, even through a simple sms or msn message. without all of u frens, i wouldn’t be in the state i am now.

happy new year~


One response to “what’s left of 2007?

  1. kerryn Thursday, 3rd January 2008 at 8:22

    one thing that I absolutely agree is that frends are super duper important~=)

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