trying too hard~~

sometimes i try too hard to achieve things that were out of reach of my abilities.

i try too hard to please everyone.

i try too hard to follow the crowd.

i try too hard to do what people expected me to do.

i try too hard make myself happy.

i try too hard to love someone when the other party doesn’t do so in return.

i try too hard being a good friend.

i try too hard to act normal.

i realised i’m trying too hard just to live.


2 responses to “trying too hard~~

  1. kerryn Tuesday, 1st January 2008 at 16:29

    It is ok to try hard…cus, at least you tried…as for the definition of trying “too” hard, that lies in your heart…if things are getting out of control, try to give yourself a break, before continuing to try hard, for those things that you feel worthwhile to pursue…as for those that are not, learn to let it go bahz…We are all learning and experiencing life at this stage, so gambatae!

  2. jas Wednesday, 2nd January 2008 at 0:50

    what about try to be yourself for a change? then u will find your direction in life and know what is impt to u.
    maybe at the end of the day, u will realise that 最重要的都变得最不重要的.
    try again, and try harder this time.

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