problems? not anymore, but~~

i dunno why, but i feel that my problems are no longer problems anymore whenever my friends tell me about theirs. maybe its just that i haven had much life experience, or im just fortunate. when i think back, i realised that most parts of my life were, actually, quite smooth. i had quite good education, a not-that-poor background and a normal and complete family. im actually disappointed with myself that i didnt cherish all these now, and even tried to think that its the end of the world now. simply dumb…

to quote a fren, he said, ‘next time i think u will laugh at yourself for behaving like this’, which is true, i supposed. but then, i’m stubborn. there’s always 2 sides to any story, but when u are on one end of that story, and when u are stubborn, there is no good solution. i guess humans are born like that? maybe not, but i dun feel that i am right either, or i should say in a stubborn or selfish way, ‘im not wrong’. bah…

it takes time, but even when im really ok to accept all this, i’ve already become skeptical about all these. i may be disappointing my close frens if i were to lose my ‘innocence’ as what they quoted me as (haha dunno why they said this also), but its seriously what i will become. no wonder we used to say adults are complex and cant be trusted when we were young. i guess tts absolutely true, as we grow up that is…


2 responses to “problems? not anymore, but~~

  1. kerryn Wednesday, 19th December 2007 at 15:18

    well..things and pple changes with time, be it u or me~ still have to grow up regardless of what changes may take place…anyway, personally, I feel that a grown up CANNOT be innocent, good that u “lost” it…lolx…

  2. WC Thursday, 10th January 2008 at 16:06

    We laugh at ourselves sometimes cause we mature and realise, as age and hopefully wisom seeps into our character, that which we ourselves value most are not those that we so foolishly quested for in our past. Good experiences builds our confidence, assures us of ourselves, gives us the guts to hope and dream. Bad experiences lets us wake up to the realities of life, ground us to be more practical in our pursuits, and painfully but surely reminds us of what is important to us at core. Then again, I’m a rambling idiot, so pay me no mind. Haha~

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