haiz…. i wonder why all the breakups among my frens occur at this half of the year. one by one, my buddies broke up with their girlfriends for reason i need not state. next some of my female frens start to tell me about failing relationships, and ya… ended their relationships too. its just too much of a coincidence for all of them to happen one after another around me. how come i just don’t know of any new couples in my circle of frens leh? i wonder, too.

break-ups are ok.. but when those broken hearts start to find people to lean on, end up i was in the picture. broken-hearted guys jio me for drinks, broken-hearted girls jio me KTV. busy yd indeed. but ya la… still, they are my frens, and i ought to show some concern. but then, im just whining about the whole BGR thing. why cant they just stick to one for life? but tts just not possible at all in this era. even married couples get divorces! i even heard some super stable relationships end so abruptly that they themselves dun even noe why. haiz… i guess its just those underlying problems that existed since day 1 and they just refuse to solve day after day. i guess it is tough to maintain a good relationship with your partner, unless this happens: ‘compromise’

but, compromising doesnt mean one party giving in to admit one’s mistake, and just choose to sacrifice. by doing so, the fundamental problem is just simply shoved aside and KIV-ed. this is a totally wrong meaning. it is always a two-way trade-off. from google, the meaning is ‘a middle way between two extremes’. it just simply mean both parties giving in willingly with a genuine heart to change for the better, without being unreasonable on both sides. its just simply tough la.

maybe thats the reason why people change so many partners. just to find the right one, or maybe, its just for fun.

meanwhile, the couple-shuffling season continues…


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