own time, own target, carry on~~

in short its OTOT, a familiar term for guys generally because of our ‘commitment’ to the country. haha! i guess this phrase has a deeper meaning to just aiming and firing at the target boards. for students, this may mean focusing on the books and exams and managing ur time to prepare urself for the ‘battles’. less time and effort put in means lower achievements should be expected. and for working pple, might be the career goals that u have set for urselves, perhaps in accordance to maslow’s hierarchy of needs. LOL furthermore, the degree of needs are different for all of us. some focused on job prospects, some on monetary rewards and some on job stress level. being contented with a lower position would give u more time to urself but also less future prospects, and aiming for better monetary rewards might cause higher job stress but also maybe higher job satisfaction? i guess everyone is really different. some may appear to be contented with what they are, but deep down inside, they hated the long hours. some might say they wanted more money, but also they are afraid to face new challenges. some may be willing to face new challenges, but tt would mean less personal time and for overseas ventures, they will need to sacrifice the physical presence of their loved ones.
more money might seem good, but is ur life really centered around money? sadly, my life has to be so.

are u willing to put in long hours to achieve ur goals? maybe i would, or maybe i should?

or are we contented enough to take on less taxing jobs and give up money and high positions, and lead a simple life? if i have a chance to do so, i would, but now, i have too much to lose by doing so. or maybe i should say im just not willing to do so.

different people has different goals in life, but one thing in common is we have to put in the efforts needed to achieve these goals set by ourselves. and different goals in life would mean different timetables for us. a higher goal would mean more time/effort, means to say sacrificing ur own personal time. AND only if this is what u actually wan in life.

OTOT, carry on pls, cos there is no definite right or wrong answer.

(PS: sadly, i think my language sucks…)


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