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things to ponder about~~

Are your palms sweaty, is your heart racing and is your voice caught within your chest?? It isn’t love, it’s like.

You can’t keep your eyes or hands off of them, am I right?? It isn’t love, it’s lust.

Are you proud, and eager to show them off?? It isn’t love, it’s luck.

Do you want them because you know they’re there?? It isn’t love, it’s loneliness.

Are you there because it’s what everyone wants?? It isn’t love, it’s loyalty.

Are you there because they kissed you, or held your hand?? It isn’t love, it’s low confidence.

Do you stay for their confessions of love, because you don’t want to hurt them?? It isn’t love, it’s pity.

Do you belong to them because their sight makes your heart skip a beat?? It isn’t love, its infatuation.

Do you pardon their faults because you care about them?? It isn’t love, it’s friendship.

Do you tell them everyday they are the only one you think of?? It isn’t love, it’s a lie.

Are you willing to give all of your favorite things for their sake?? It isn’t love, it’s charity.

Does your heart ache and break when they’re sad?? Then it’s love.

Do you cry for their pain, even when they’re strong?? Then it’s love.

Do their eyes see your true heart, and touch your soul so deeply it hurts?? Then it’s love.

Do you stay because a blinding, incomprehensible mix of pain and relation pulls you close and holds you there?? Then it’s love.

Do you accept their faults because they’re a part of who they are?? Then it’s love.

Would you give them your heart, your life, your death?? Then it’s love.

Now, if love is painful, and tortures us so, why do we love? Why is it all we search for in life? This pain, this agony? Why is it all we long for? This torture, this powerful death of self? Why? The answer is so simple because it’s LOVE. It is such an addictive thing that even people who are not having it wish to experience it and share it with others.


the better things in life~~

i thought i already been through the worst stage of my life during my university days. it just so happens that i always dun get the better things in life.
but i thought i had when i entered NTU. i was strugging even to pass.

i thought i had, when i met my gf then. i found out a year later that we dun love each other at all.

i thought i had when i had such great buddies and a great and understanding roommate when i was yr3. they didnt understand me at all.

i thought i had when i finally landed my first job. but no, things are not as rosy at it seems.
and now, it is as if a real korean love drama story is being played on me. and i was wrong in thinking dramas are fake. never felt so painful in my life ever.

i thought i’m getting more self-confidence. but no, everything now is worse than before. it just got worse after every fall.

i think its just me.

Protected: being an angel and a devil at the same time

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so u think ur parallel parking is zai?

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commentator: how the fuck did he do that?!?

commentator: how the fuck did he do that?!?

commentator: how the fuck did he do that?!?

commentator: how the fuck did he do that?!?

commentator: how the fuck did he do that?!?

commentator: how the fuck did he do that?!?

commentator: how the fuck did he do that?!?





haiz…. i wonder why all the breakups among my frens occur at this half of the year. one by one, my buddies broke up with their girlfriends for reason i need not state. next some of my female frens start to tell me about failing relationships, and ya… ended their relationships too. its just too much of a coincidence for all of them to happen one after another around me. how come i just don’t know of any new couples in my circle of frens leh? i wonder, too.

break-ups are ok.. but when those broken hearts start to find people to lean on, end up i was in the picture. broken-hearted guys jio me for drinks, broken-hearted girls jio me KTV. busy yd indeed. but ya la… still, they are my frens, and i ought to show some concern. but then, im just whining about the whole BGR thing. why cant they just stick to one for life? but tts just not possible at all in this era. even married couples get divorces! i even heard some super stable relationships end so abruptly that they themselves dun even noe why. haiz… i guess its just those underlying problems that existed since day 1 and they just refuse to solve day after day. i guess it is tough to maintain a good relationship with your partner, unless this happens: ‘compromise’

but, compromising doesnt mean one party giving in to admit one’s mistake, and just choose to sacrifice. by doing so, the fundamental problem is just simply shoved aside and KIV-ed. this is a totally wrong meaning. it is always a two-way trade-off. from google, the meaning is ‘a middle way between two extremes’. it just simply mean both parties giving in willingly with a genuine heart to change for the better, without being unreasonable on both sides. its just simply tough la.

maybe thats the reason why people change so many partners. just to find the right one, or maybe, its just for fun.

meanwhile, the couple-shuffling season continues…

circle of trust

Don’t bother explaining coz the person who trusts you don’t need it and the person who dislikes you won’t believe it anyway.

so who’s in your circle of trust? or who’s not?

sony walkman orchestra~~

cool ad by sony…


i think i’m confused…
sometimes life would just bring u to a state at a time u would least realize it.

so is it a good thing or a bad thing?

wrong wrong wrong

everything is just wrong…

err… u got pork curry?

damn racist! but funny though…

a sicko

sick… deep deep….

sianz.. been sneezing for the whole damn day.

made me cant even concentrate on my work.

i really shouldn’t have drank that ‘dang gui’ bak guteh tt night…

i really shouldn’t have went back office and ‘blow’ air-con on such a cold day ytd…

and i really shouldn’t have went for dinner with my colleagues today…




please thank me if you get MC tml~~ wahahahahaha~~

had a bad day~~

i can sense how stressed they must have been~~ but… its quite funny.. hah
chill, people!!



“probability of that happening: 0.00000001%”

“so please join ABC insurance”

fix the ceiling!!

to every little good thing in life~~

thais are incredibly funny~~ haha cheers!