odex owns~~

ODEX recently created lots of hoo-haa among the anime scene in singapore when they started their plans of ‘catching’ illegal anime downloaders by tapping the users’ internet connection. this was legally done using a court order which forced starhub and singnet to release a namelist of subscribers who are allegedly ‘guilty’ of downloading licensed animes. (what kind of crap is this!)

furthermore, the downloaders were fined from S$3k to S$5 each, which accumulated to up to S$3m of funds for ODEX (so what did they use this cash for? and how is this going to be reported in their financial statements?) what can i say? its just a cheap way which pleases the government and at the same time destroyed their own reputation among real anime fans. i wonder how sustainable their plans are? i bet they didnt expect such a public outrage. (or perhaps heck care?)

and, so how good is their quality of their vcds (ya.. their products are mainly STILL in vcd format) and seriously what value-added services do they actually do besides being sole distributors?

compare these 2 images of a scene in Initial D

Comparison of Odex subtitles with fan-made ones.

so what is the ‘big tree’?

and also, the time taken for them to bring in new animes ranges from 1 – 6 mths, whereas anime downloaders get them from within 2-4 days from the date of AIRING(free telecast) in japan, WITH ENGLISH SUBS!!!

seriously, what can they do? besides catching people and generating cash from them, they should have placed more effort in improving their marketability of their products! what a cheap way of doing business…


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