fond memories~~ really…

woot! went out with a special group of people whom we have not met each other for up to 12 years! yes! they are my PRIMARY SCHOOL CLASSMATES!

WOW, i dunno if most of u out there still keep in contact with ur primary sch frens… but it’s really cool to see how much they have changed and what have happened to their lives! some working already, some still studying, some juz graduated (me! haha), some even married!! seriously OMG!!! what have i done in my past 24 years!! achieved nothing! haha.. aiya… anyway i think i learnt something today, which is there’s always something good to look forward to, even though your life isnt in any proper order (my life is messy, i mean)…

LOL, always look on the bright side of life… hey chill la, pple!! why get so stressed up over life?


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