rush to wait, wait to rush~~

friday, 13th july marks the end of my 3rd ICT (black friday? lol). seriously speaking, i hated to go back to do the same old shit. however, this dreadful feeling is somehow dissolved when i met my buddies that i knew for 5 yrs. perhaps ICT is more than just training in the field, like what most people quoted? i get to talk crap with them, get to know whats going on in their lives, get to know how well they are coping, etc… haha…

but then we ‘kena’ our fair share of mistreatment too… (cant be avoided, of cos.. haha) there are just endless problems that arises due to the famous army culture, ‘rush to wait, wait to rush.’ i.e. we ALWAYS get rushed to do stuffs like assembling, packing, draw weapons… but then we ALWAYS end up waiting for follow-up after that, which is ALWAYS caused by poor communication and poor execution by OTHER people. f**king waste of time. but then what to do? the whole organisation cant be changed overnight, and idiots still, unfortunately, exists everywhere.

well, its goodbye to tanjong gul camp and hopefully the new camp would be better nx year… (wait i forgot, the people in there are not going to change! zzz…) haha… 7 more years to go!


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