funny things about singaporean men~~

i do agree to what the author said.. especially the second part regarding lingerie… haha


Funny things about Singaporean men

aaron ng, 16th june 2007

There are two things about Singaporean men that I find funny (ok, I might be over-generalising, but nonetheless, I still find the behaviour funny). One, they like to put flowers that they buy for their other half inside paper bags. Two, they always form a nice cosy group outside lingerie stores or departments.

I’m not sure why Singaporean men (at least a fair number of them) don’t dare to carry a bouquet of flowers around in public. I remember being rather amused when the florist I regularly visit asked me if I needed a paper bag for the flowers, even when both hands were empty. It seems to me that by default, most guys would need a paper bag, so she asked first. Well, unless both of my hands are really full, I rather carry the bouquet in my hand. I don’t think it’s embarrassing to do so, and besides, putting it in a paper bag might squash the flowers. In any case, I never recommend putting flowers in a paper bag, especially if you are going to give it to a prospective girlfriend. I doubt the girl would be impressed by the lack of courage to carry a bouquet, unless you can somehow convince her that it was meant to be a surprise (which might work the first time but not subsequently).

I must say the second funny thing about Singaporean men amuses me more. I always want to laugh when I pass by the lingerie department or store and see an army of men standing outside, all not speaking to each other and looking in any direction but into the department or store while their girlfriends/wives are shopping inside. Is a lingerie store or department that scary? It’s just a piece of garment. What embarrassment is there?

I can understand the “fear” if the guy goes in without another lady because of concerns that he might be viewed as a pervert. Even though I have no qualms about walking into any lingerie store or department with my fiancee and picking lingerie, I might get cold feet if I walk in there alone to buy a piece of lingerie. If a lady partner is with the man, I’m sure nobody will think the man is a pervert. However, it appears to me that Singaporean men in general avoid lingerie stores like the plague even with their other halves around. Come on guys, there’s nothing scary about a lingerie store.


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