home sweet home~~

its been long since i stayed permanently at home…

2 yrs of national service and 3 years of varsity hall life… wow… didnt realised i stayed away from home for 5 years already!! (although i go back regularly every weekend… but then that’s just like staying in a hotel, like what my mum once said before…)

i do remember one time when i stayed in hall for like 6 weeks in a row and one day, my father sent me an sms saying that something like my mum cant recall my face… that moment totally struck me right from my eyes thru my mind… suddenly i do realised that the purpose of living is not for me alone.. but for the people around us… and i felt like a failure who couldn’t take care of even my closest kin… haiz… totally regretted placing too much emphasis and effort in hall life… but then at least it made me realised my mistakes…

aiya.. anyway… moved everything back home le… perhaps a time to restart?


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