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work work~



inzaghi owned~~

well… i guess all soccer lovers would have known that my beloved liverpool failed to beat milan again after the 2005 victory. so sad~ but then milan certainly deserved this win… look at the way they recovered after every single mistake they made, they instantaneously covered the space and pulled players back to block off any real attempt on the goal… no chance to liverpool who just didn’t have any player as good as the best ‘penalty-box player’ that milan had (both crouch and kuyt were just far from inzaghi’s goal-poaching ability)…
congrats to milan to their 7th CL trophy… at least it was entertaining, compared to FA Cup…

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thumbdrive lost!

its been long since i lost something valuable… zzz… and the thing is I DUN EVEN KNOW WHERE I LOST IT!

sianz!! worst thing is that i attach my DBS 2FA device on it!!

heng there isnt much impt stuff in it… well… hard luck…

here’s a pic of it…



spoof of the Nokia N93 ad


watch this first:


then this:

oi! people at the back!

Olympus E500: super wide lens

woohoo~ εƒι‡ŒδΉ‹ε€– MTV

amazing! guess how many singers sang this song? lol… this certainly can be listed as one of the best spoofs of mandarin music

7 deadly sins of financial planning

interesting blog entry i came across… the author talks about the ‘don’t s’ of financial planning in terms of the basic sins of Man…

crane game pro?!?

lol… a fren of mine told me that she is lucky pro at this arcade game… hahaha… maybe she knows this ‘secret’?

gravity hills?!?

this video attempts to explain why cars seem to move ‘uphill’ in the same way as water seems to flow ‘upslope’

seeing is believing… just how true this sentence is?

EPL champions 06/07 goes to…

man utd lo… lol

aiya… actually i still cant decide my preference for man utd or chelsea… cos i seem to hate/like both clubs equally… (eh.. dun mistake me as a band-wagoner… im a liverpool fan! haha). but then looking at how man utd performed in the league without a complete first team for most of the season really showed what the champions are really made of: sheer hunger and determination… (this qualities definitely defeat chelsea…)

on the other side, chelsea has failed to show any dominance over the rest of the league, and seriously speaking, i feel they perform at their best only with when the scoreline is not favouring them OR when they are down in numbers.. LOL… anyway i would love to see mourinho stay with chelsea and hope they can challenge for the title again next season (with liverpool! the rest of the top 4, LOL)

home sweet home~~

its been long since i stayed permanently at home…

2 yrs of national service and 3 years of varsity hall life… wow… didnt realised i stayed away from home for 5 years already!! (although i go back regularly every weekend… but then that’s just like staying in a hotel, like what my mum once said before…)

i do remember one time when i stayed in hall for like 6 weeks in a row and one day, my father sent me an sms saying that something like my mum cant recall my face… that moment totally struck me right from my eyes thru my mind… suddenly i do realised that the purpose of living is not for me alone.. but for the people around us… and i felt like a failure who couldn’t take care of even my closest kin… haiz… totally regretted placing too much emphasis and effort in hall life… but then at least it made me realised my mistakes…

aiya.. anyway… moved everything back home le… perhaps a time to restart?