end of the war~~

well.. good news to all accounting students in my group… AA306 is finally over! wee~~~  this deserves a mini-celebration before we procede with our subsequent battles… hopefully all our sweat, tears and blood during our preparation would not go to waste…

these few days haven been exciting at all… cos i’ve been cooping myself in hall either studying or staring at my comp… *no life… zzz* what to do… final semester liao rite.. ? bo bian lor… aiya but still okie la.. at least got my buddies in hall chionging notes and books together… except for a few (ahem) people (ahem) with only ONE paper left! and worst of all… i know pple who already finished all their papers! this is when the exam period started like only 2 days ago? Zzzz…

missing holidays! i guess there are same sentiments in all our minds rite… looking forward to ktv!, JB seafood, shopping?, dota!!, etc etc etc… haiz… going to be over soon la… lol…. last stretch already!! (as quoted by my NS platoon sergeant)

finally… some entertainment…

Desktop Tower Defense

this is a simple flash game of TD (tower defence… interesting game which kept me and my rommate hooked for a few days.. haha… meanwhile, carry on with the war… it is not over yet!!


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