need to google for something?

wahahahahah~~~ i dunno why, but i suddenly felt an urge to google for my name.. and this is what my mozilla showed me…

“The Yongding landscape fascinates tourists with its enchanting mountains and waters. What adds charm to the scenery is the groups of earth buildings strewed over the valley and on the riverside. The unique style of these high, heavy, unsophisticated and imposing human habitations have always been a wonder to tourists.”

here are some pics of the place…

and then i went to wikipedia for more findings…

“Yongding county is at the Fujian and Guangdong broader. To the south of county lies Dapu county of Guangdong province. The other neighboring counties are all in Fujian: Shanghang county to the west, Longyan city to the north, and Nanjing county to the east. Both Dapu and Shanghang are Hakka counties. But Xinluo and Nanjing are predominantly Minnan.”

O M G . . . there’s a place in China named after me!!! (erm.. i mean my name coincides with a place name in china… whatever)

wahahahha tts quite amazing… i think i need to add this place to my long list of ‘places-to-visit-before-i-die”….


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