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count on him, singapore!

im actually quite surprised when dick lee actually did this song… lol

watch this for some laughter, hahaha

He has a vision for tomorrow, just believe…


the end is near!

wahahahaha… tml is my final paper! wee~~~  finally lo… hopefully i would be able to be as happy as i am now… cos the times spending cooped up in my room studying for those modules is really terrible… (no life!) thankfully for my buddies in hall accompanying me (i think they no choice also but to stay! haha) for the occasional dota sessions and suppers…

also, i came across several funny videos on youtube… with the funniest and cutest of all:

enjoy! haha… that kid is damn cute la… hahahhaa

the power is yours!

i was recommended this show ‘the inconvenient truth’ by kawei… its a movie about the events that lead to global warming and its deadly impacts. some critical and shocking impacts are the increased severity of hurricanes/floods/droughts, rising sea levels, and a potential threat of an incoming ice age. means what? ice age might devour this planet in less than 50 years!

An Inconvenient Truth: The Science

actually its all up to our personal efforts: replace, reuse, recycle… small little efforts do accumulate and can make a difference…

You see that pale, blue dot? That’s us. Everything that has ever happened in all of human history, has happened on that pixel. All the triumphs and all the tragedies, all the wars all the famines, all the major advances…’s our only home. And that is what is at stake, our ability to live on planet Earth, to have a future as a civilization. I believe this is a moral issue, it is your time to cease this issue, it is our time to rise again to secure our future. – Al Gore

it is indeed shocking to know that global warming prevention efforts were simply ignored and brushed aside by the current UN… maybe we can only rely on captain planet to save us.. LOL..

end of the war~~

well.. good news to all accounting students in my group… AA306 is finally over! wee~~~  this deserves a mini-celebration before we procede with our subsequent battles… hopefully all our sweat, tears and blood during our preparation would not go to waste…

these few days haven been exciting at all… cos i’ve been cooping myself in hall either studying or staring at my comp… *no life… zzz* what to do… final semester liao rite.. ? bo bian lor… aiya but still okie la.. at least got my buddies in hall chionging notes and books together… except for a few (ahem) people (ahem) with only ONE paper left! and worst of all… i know pple who already finished all their papers! this is when the exam period started like only 2 days ago? Zzzz…

missing holidays! i guess there are same sentiments in all our minds rite… looking forward to ktv!, JB seafood, shopping?, dota!!, etc etc etc… haiz… going to be over soon la… lol…. last stretch already!! (as quoted by my NS platoon sergeant)

finally… some entertainment…

Desktop Tower Defense

this is a simple flash game of TD (tower defence… interesting game which kept me and my rommate hooked for a few days.. haha… meanwhile, carry on with the war… it is not over yet!!


“我们每一个人都背着过去曾经犯过的错误活着。 我们必须学习跟自己最不堪的部分相处,因为生命没有办法重来。”

– 《白色巨塔》

people make mistakes, why cant they repent and get a chance to prove themselves again?

is there really only one shot, one opportunity in this world?

is the world really that intolerant of mistakes?

does a failure means he will always fail?

humans are not perfect beings, accept others as what they are… this is an important lesson i learnt since the start of my year2 days…

need to google for something?

wahahahahah~~~ i dunno why, but i suddenly felt an urge to google for my name.. and this is what my mozilla showed me…

“The Yongding landscape fascinates tourists with its enchanting mountains and waters. What adds charm to the scenery is the groups of earth buildings strewed over the valley and on the riverside. The unique style of these high, heavy, unsophisticated and imposing human habitations have always been a wonder to tourists.”

here are some pics of the place…

and then i went to wikipedia for more findings…

“Yongding county is at the Fujian and Guangdong broader. To the south of county lies Dapu county of Guangdong province. The other neighboring counties are all in Fujian: Shanghang county to the west, Longyan city to the north, and Nanjing county to the east. Both Dapu and Shanghang are Hakka counties. But Xinluo and Nanjing are predominantly Minnan.”

O M G . . . there’s a place in China named after me!!! (erm.. i mean my name coincides with a place name in china… whatever)

wahahahha tts quite amazing… i think i need to add this place to my long list of ‘places-to-visit-before-i-die”….


equally helpless as the previous aa306 quiz…


time to get owned… again…