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song of the moment – 梁山伯與茱麗葉

作曲:曹格 编曲:涂惠源 演唱:卓文萱/曹格

曹:我的心唱首歌给你听 歌词是如此的甜蜜
可是我害羞我没有勇气 对你说一句我爱你

卓:为什么你还是不言不语 难道(是)你不懂我的心
不管你用什么方式表明 我会对你说我愿意

曹:千言万语里 只有一句话能 表白我的心
卓:千言万语里 只有一句话就

曹:我爱你 你是我的茱丽叶
合:幸福的每一天 浪漫的每一夜
卓 不放开
曹:I Love You
卓:我爱你 你是我的罗密欧
合:幸福的每一天 浪漫的每一夜
美丽的爱情祝福着 未来

be optimistic~~

no more negative thoughts

realized that nothing can be more disastrous than natural disasters…

nothing can be scarier than death before your time…

nothing can be accomplished if there is no determination…

nothing will be done if i fall…




土来跑路。。。 wahahahahha

code of conduct


我郑重的保释 要奉献一切为人类服务,



this phrase is extracted from the taiwanese drama 白色巨塔,

a phrase that all doctors follow,

a phrase that all doctors has to cast aside their pride for,

a phrase that makes you think how ironic the world is…

just how evil can man be?

how long can passion alone last you?

how much stress can you carry?
sometimes Man just cannot have the best of everything,

the dilemma of choosing,

the things you have to lose,

family, friends, and yourself…

it’s a practical world out there….

shaolin kungfu rocks~~

the robber…

man walks on the street late at night…

robber attempts to rob him…

robber demands, ‘choose one to keep, your life or your money!!’

man slowly takes out his employment pass and shows it to the robber.

and he says, ‘im an auditor in XXX firm (big4), i have no life and no money… ‘


disclaimer: source of this passage is extracted through ‘word-of-mouth’ by my roommate. the owner of this blog is not responsible for any blood-vomitting and head banging actions of the reader..

superhero? asshole?