i think i…

i think i should complain less… and do more…. lol…

“its up to us to fulfil or waste our lives away.”

when things arent seem to be as well as it should have been, we should try and make things happen. lol, suddenly remembered my unit’s Commanding Officer’s favourite quote for our unit:

‘Dare to Dream and Dare to make our Dreams Come True!”

how motivating it was for a bunch of NSFs then. we didnt pay too much attention to it then. but somehow, life should have been lived this way. people shoudl live for their dreams. be it to be high-flying careers, owning cool cars, living in huge houses, or simply to indulge in family lives. we ought to be having those thoughts. (bah… why am i sounding like a counsellor? zzz… )
in the meantime, i shall try to get my report done.. somehow…


3 responses to “i think i…

  1. cloudie Thursday, 19th October 2006 at 3:29

    he said that? i tot its “always fun, always cohesive”?

  2. psychedelico Thursday, 19th October 2006 at 11:32

    tt ‘always fun’ was our reservist CO… lol…

  3. cloudie Saturday, 21st October 2006 at 20:13

    arh old CO, new CO, same lah~

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