studying for the sake of it

one of my friends mention this phrase to me, which got me thinking, again.

‘studying for the sake of it’

to most of us, this phrase might mean to go thru motion, to go thru practices blindly, to study becos we are to study.

in actual fact, ‘studying for the sake of it’ means the contrary. we study becos we want to study. everything we have to do has a purpose and allows us to learn. we study becos we have a chance to study.

BUT, why isnt this happening around us? why are we forced to a stage whereby we complain when we can have a chance to study? why are we being thrown tons of work and are told that this is the way to survive in SG? do we even understand what is called studying or learning? is this the only way out?

One response to “studying for the sake of it

  1. cloudie Tuesday, 17th October 2006 at 14:59

    becos studying is compulsory. few make their own choices when it comes to whether to study or not. only when we go on to tiertiary institution then we start to question ourselves. but its too late then; the choice was already made.

    if you are given a free choice on something, you will naturally (most of the time) stick to it and not gripe so much. of course, you don’t understand the benefits when you are young. so the choice has to be made. what comes after that is the crux though. you are at most given the right to choose the school you want, not whether you want to continue studying.

    haha, babbling liaos~

    hie dinguz~

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