gimme money, so i can die…

ever since i turned 21, i’ve been wondering if getting a high-paid job is my ultimate aim in life? or should i strive for something more worthwhile than just money? what if i cant survive? what if i succumb to the tempation of money (again)?

nb… why cant i remember who the hell is the first person to tell me ‘money is everything’. seriously, is money the only thing in life? or in singapore only? i wonder what inspired me to study hard during secondary sch and jc, so i can get a degree, which supposedly can guarantee me a good future/career/(life)?

some say u cant survive in singapore without money. true enough, u really cant survive. without money, u cant even fulfill ur basic needs of life: food, water, shelter, (lucky no need pay for air). worse still, medicine if u are sick. even worse, if u need treatment for a serious injury/illness. seriously, how much will u need? i’ve began to see for myself more evidence to the saying, ‘it is better to just die in singapore than to fall sick here’. but then again, even dying needs money. u have to pay for ur funeral, ur cremation, ur burial. is this the way of life as it should be?

i dunno when exactly did my perception of money start to change, and i dunno when i can put down the burden of earning. seriously it is not practical. if one day i suddenly tell myself to stop working for money and live for myself, i think my parents will be very very disappointed with me. even if they arent, i will curse myself someday in the future because i didnt give them the life i’ve promised before. do i really come out with only impractical ideas? is a moneyless life really out of this world?

life is fucked up.


One response to “gimme money, so i can die…

  1. toot Monday, 23rd October 2006 at 2:53

    dingding dingding! hehehehee guess hu this? *bleah*

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