boring life

things i have been doing recently:

  • eat, sleep, slack in hall (thats standard)
  • dota
  • owning pple in dota
  • feeding pple in dota
  • go lecture/tutorial
  • meeting tutorial mates for presentations/assignments/projects
  • trying to catch up with my readings
  • msn-ing the same few pple
  • eat, sleep, slack at home (again??)
  • accompanying parents at home
  • reading blogs
  • started to read on controversial topics
  • surfing for interesting and inspiring pictures/photos
  • widening my mindset
  • downloading/listening to mp3s
  • downloading/watching dramas
  • craptalk with nike, vinh, noel, etc
  • listening to pple’s complains/rants/whatever
  • listening to my desires
  • worrying abt my future
  • worrying abt my money
  • worrying abt everything
  • worrying abt myself
  • insonmia
  • headaches
  • thinking what to do in the future
  • thinking what can i do
  • thinking where should/(can) i go
  • setting goals
  • motivating others
  • motivating myself (am i doing so?)
  • motivating myself to work towards my goal
  • motivating myself to get the best out of my boring life

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